Architectural Signs

An elegant way displaying your business name and logo.

There are three main types of Architectural raised letters:
  • Cast Letters
    Bronze and aluminum cast metal letters are used in professional offices such as financial intuitions, legal offices, universities and government buildings. They indicate a sense of permanence and gravitas. Many different finishes such as polished, oxidized or anodized are available for these architectural letters. As the name suggest cast letter signs are created by melting and pouring bronze or aluminum ingots into molds.
  • Fabricated Metal Letters
    These types of metal letters are fabricated from sheets of steel or aluminum; they are perfect architectural letters for retail or other areas where high-end quality at a lower cost is required. The raised letter signs are built to your custom specifications in a wide variety of finishes such as brushed, polished or painted, and can be produced to almost any required depth and size. Gold titanium coating is also available to provide the look of brass at a fraction of the cost.
  • Flat Cut Metal Letters
    Custom metal letters can be precisely cut using lasers or water jets to provide greater detail than the use of CNC routers. Several metals and numerous standard finishes (including aluminum, bronze, brass, copper and steel), can be applied to cut metal letters. These kinds of architectural letters can be used outdoors as well as in-doors for a lobby or boardroom application.
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