Electronic Displays

An Electronic Message Center is not just an electronic sign - it’s smart advertising.

Infinitely changeable and undeniably eye-catching, electronic message centers are fast becoming the most economical and productive tool that an organization can employ to get its brand and message out.

Why Electronic Displays:

Be the center of attraction! An Electronic Message Center is not an electronic sign. It’s smart advertising:

  • Impact:
    An electronic message center reaches out and grabs the attention of drive by customers.
  • Mobility:
    We live in a mobile society where the average American one-way commute is 25 minutes! We look for and respond to information along the way. We often make purchase decisions as we drive.
  • Affordability:
    Compare an electronic sign to other media, such as newspaper or radio. An electronic message center communicates quickly & directly to thousands of people a day for just a cents per thousand.
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