LED Promo Displays

Digital Menu Boards deliver the competitive advantage you need.

Wait times are a thing of the past, as customers can proactively use screens to look at seasonal or time-scheduled menu offerings, live feeds or mouth-watering advertisements. Menu options are brought to life through video loops of company advertising. Customizable live TV helps everyone feel at home as they gather at your restaurant to watch their favorite shows.

Digital Signage by 804 Signs & 804 LED LLC.

For over a decade, Mvix has been a leader in the field of digital equipment, offering innovative products and exceptional service for customers in a wide range of industries. The company is focused on cost-effective, feature-rich, cloud-hosted digital signage solutions.

Offering turnkey solutions across industry verticals, including foodservice, hospitality, education, corporate offices, healthcare, real-estate and manufacturing, Mvix has one of the most diverse product lines on the market today.

The company provides customized packages containing everything required to get an organization started right away. A typical Mvix digital signage solution may include:

  • HD digital signage systems.
  • Video-wall appliances.
  • Interactive digital kiosk systems.
  • Cloud-based content management software.
  • Managed services and custom solutions.
  • On Thursday February, 18, 2016 804 SIGNS LLC / 804 LED LLC has been trained and presented officially to every MVIX products and services so, we can represent their name in the USA.

Advantages of LED Promo Displays:

  • Allow you to post changes to your menu instantaneously.
    If you’re running low on stock or need to push an item that isn’t selling, it’s easy to make immediate updates.
  • Improve customer service.
    Use screens to conduct after-hours training, improving both service and camaraderie.
  • Control energy costs.
    Displays can be programmed to turn on and off according to restaurant hours.
  • Prevent black screens.
    Self monitoring software sends an email to your NEC support team before anyone knows there’s a problem.

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